Day 26: Ukroland – Extremely Slow and Incredibly Boring

by Zack on August 29, 2010

I’m not usually one wont for entertainment.

My step-father has been known to remark that he hasn’t been bored since the 7th grade. It took me a bit longer, but it’s probably been a solid dozen years since I’ve truly known boredom. There is always something to be done, be read, be written, be edited.

But man, if yesterday’s train ride from Lviv, Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland didn’t put me to the test.

Mike and I awoke at an ungodly 5:15 am in order to be assuredly on-time for the 7 am train – the only one that day. The ride, scheduled to arrive in Warsaw at 8 pm local time, accounts for a one-hour time difference and the 5 hour wait at the border.

That’s not a typo. We sat, in the train, for 5 hours while then authorities and mechanics did god-knows-what.

Apparently, you can get off and go in to the closest town. Of course, we didn’t know this. Because we are ignorant Americans. So we sat – or more accurately, leaned, since we were on the top shelf of a 4-person sleeper car – for this 5 hour delay.

Only later did we realize this fact, as tens and tens of passengers came back with bags of tourist kitsch and bulging, satiated, well-fed bellies. The dry bread and salami we picked up at the Lviv train station never tasted worse.

I mean, sure, I had a book. And we had writing to do; editing to do. But one can only deal with a train lurching forward for 100 meters, slamming to a stop, reversing 100 meters, slamming again, then repeating the process ad infinitum, so many times.

But we endured. With the help of witty banter, books and our trusty laptop we made it to Warsaw in a scant 14 hours; exhausted, smelly and mentally indigent.

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