Day 21: Turysk – Did We Make It?

by Mike on August 26, 2010

Did we actually make it to Turysk?

It’s not the last day of our trip and far from the end of our project, but yesterday we reached a high point on our journey. At one point while walking around in the beautiful green fields of Turysk I turned to Zack and said, “I can not believe we actually made it here.” He said, “I know, I have been thinking the same thing the entire drive to Turysk.”

Surreal or dreamlike don’t even describe the emotions I was feeling while walking around the small village that my grandparents and a large portion of my family are from. We spoke with two elderly women that remembered the last name Order, which is the last name of one side of my family from there. It brought a smile to my face that my family was remembered as part of the community at some point.

I hadn’t realized until then that I had trekked across the world and through the middle of the Ukraine to get where no one in my family had been in almost 90 years to the day*. It may have been the greatest day of my life so far and definitely reminded me that completely immersing myself into this project has been the best decision I have ever made.

On a side note, being in the Ukraine and traveling through 6 different countries in a month, all of which speak different languages has inspired me to try to learn more languages. My great grandfather knew Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, German and English and that is why he was able to do so much with his life and relate to people of all cultures. I want to be able to have that ability that he had, to be able to hold my own in any situation thrown upon you.

*Joseph arrived in Turisk, we believe, on August 7th.

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