Hold the Ice Water

by Zack on July 30, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like the Economist‘s “Eastern Approaches” blog. Correspondant E.L. fills us in on what Mike and I can expect at dinner while we’re away:

American attitudes to eating and drinking are different too. In London I am used to small portions of food washed down with a certain amount of alcohol. American meals are huge and accompanied by diet soft drinks or iced tap water. Timing is different too: European dinner parties or restaurant meals start at eight or nine in the evening and go on till midnight. In America, you turn up at six o’clock. By eight-thirty at the latest, you are standing up, drinking a large mug of decaff coffee and heading home.

This pretty much fits with my experiences in Europe, too. Especially the bit about portions. You see, I have a problem. I have a compulsion to devour whatever food is placed in front of me. I’m polite that way.

So perhaps I, and my ever-growing stomach, could use a respite from the large portions. Of course, the “certain amount of alcohol” is also something I am typically compelled to give a good home. So if experience counts for anything, the calories will even out in the end.

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