Day 0.1: New York – Extraction

by Zack on July 22, 2010

About 30 miles north of Baltimore yesterday, at about 11:00 am, I looked out the window of the Bolt Bus and realized: this is happening.

Yes, Mike and I arrived in New York yesterday – via Boston (Mike) and Baltimore (me) – to begin the first stage of production for the trip and the documentary. We had a bit of an inauspicious start to the journey as it took us about 30 minutes to finally connect. There was a mix up in where the bus stopped; so while I arrived at Madison Square Garden, Mike waited at Port Authority.

Coordinating a walk and pickup on the streets of NY require the skill and planning of a four-star General arranging an extraction behind enemy lines. But luck was on our side as I soon realized I was standing directly outside of the B & H photography store at 34th and 9th … a stop we were going to have to make anyway. We found (free!) parking in the store’s lot, picked up some last minute equipment and hit the streets of NY for some B-roll shots.

One problem; where are we going? I’ll spare you the dirty details. Long story short we figured out the shots we needed to get Wednesday, found a parking spot (not free!), and did about 3 plus hours of solid shooting.

More filler than substance, the B-Roll stuff was good but not dynamite. Today we start with the meat of our stay in NY. We have a few interviews lined up as well as some archival research to conduct. But you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for that …

Zack Sherwood
New Hyde Park, NY
July 22, 2010
7:07 am

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