We did it! But we are far from finished.

by Mike on June 28, 2010

We reached 100% yesterday morning after a burst of amazing donations and I woke up to a few excited texts from Zack, saying why aren’t you answering, we hit 100% funded, how can you be sleeping. Little did he know that I had worked 17 hours the night before until 4am that morning. When I awoke I saw his texts and immediately called him elated. Both of us said that we couldn’t believe this happened and that this entire process has been incredible and inspiring.

Thank you to everyone that has donated, we are so happy that you could be a part of this journey. This is not finished and our goal of $8000 was a low estimate of the cost of the entire project, because we had no idea where all of this would go. We want to ask you for a little more help in spreading the word to all of your friends for these last couple of weeks. We need to raise a good bit more and we know we can, we just need people to keep up the great work and ask people to check out our project and donate even $1, because as you can see every dollar adds up.

We are very busy the next couple of weeks with planning and writing, but will update you with everything that is going on. Thank you again

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