Exciting times ahead!

by Mike on June 23, 2010

As always I want to thank everyone for their support, because this project is more than making a documentary or a script, its also about inspiring others to go out and do something they really want to do. I want everyone who is following along with our journey to get inspired to start working on that one thing everyone has in the back of their mind as something they always wanted to do.

One of the biggest pieces of news about our project is that Zack and I will be presenting at the 30th Annual Jewish Genealogy Convention in Los Angeles this July. We will be promoting our project and talking about how others can do projects just like ours. The one thing I have learned from this project is that many families have amazing stories of heroism and most people have no idea how to start trying to tell them to the world. Hopefully, we can help with our presentation with some tips of how we started with a small idea and how it grew tenfold.

The other big news is that we are going to be written up in the Cambridge Chronicle, so for all of my Boston area supporters I will let you know when that comes out. I have started contacting more papers and hopefully will have more articles written about our project.

In late July we will be traveling to New York City and visiting Ellis Island. We also will be talking to a few different organizations in the city and interviewing as many people as possible as the start of our documentary. Burlington, VT, where my great grandfather lived is another destination before we set off for Europe. We will visit where he lived and try to search through old newspapers to find the articles that were written up about him when he got back from his righteous journey.

This is all for now and we will have more to come very soon. Thank you all and don’t stop spreading the word please, because we are almost at $7000, but have a long way to go in not much time. Tell people that every dollar helps and that it will add up.


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